About the cemetery

The Italian Military Cemetery was founded in February 1915, burials were held here until 1945. Soldiers of various armies, nationalities and religions are buried in the cemetery: there are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim monuments. In total, about 6,500 soldiers are buried here. Most of the graves date from the First World War, when a POW camp was located nearby. The most numerous are Italians (about 5,200), which is why this place is referred to as the “Italian Cemetery”. But also 527 Russian, 224 Czech, 49 Hungarian, 40 Polish, 6 Romanian and 4 Austrian soldiers rest here.

News and events

In this section, you will be able to read current posts about events organized by the cemetery administration or responsible institutions, including the ceremonial commemoration held every November in the grounds of the International Military Cemetery in Milovice.