City of Milovice

The town of Milovice is located in the lowland of central Polabí, in the district of Nymburk in the Central Bohemia region.

In the territory of today’s town, in the 14th century, there was a feudal residence of Vladyka Holomka, which is found in archival documents under the name “villa Milewicz” – Milevice fortress. According to the archives, the first mention is from 4 January 1396 in connection with the estate of his wife Sperková-Pavlína. The city’s coat of arms features a silver doe’s head with a neck and golden tongue, this oldest documented heraldic motif appeared on the medieval seals of the Knights of Milovice. The doe is placed in a green shield with three points extending to the upper edge of the silver head of the shield. The green color is meant to remind the richness of the forests in the region.

An integral part of history is the establishment of the military district of Mladá in 1904, in which the following armies operated: Austrian, Czechoslovak, German and Soviet. On June 30, 1991, the last Soviet soldier left Milovice, the military training area was closed in 1995. In August 1996, the revitalization of the former military training area began. The first 496 apartments were renovated and thus the influx of young residents began. Currently, the city consists of four parts: Milovice, Venátecká Vrutice, Mladá, Boží Dar.

Took from the website of the City of Milovice.